The Healing Rooms

The Healing Rooms logoThe Healing Rooms 禱告醫治室 is a ministry that pursues the Holy Spirit and His healing power. It is a place where passionate, spirit-filled and joyful believers gather to release life, love and wholeness to those who are suffering from physical ailments.
We believe it is God's will for the sick to be healed and that the Power of Jesus Christ is available to all who ask.
We minister to believers and non-believers. We speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese. All are welcome and there is no cost. Those who wish to make a tax-deductible donation to The Healing Rooms may do so at our offering box at the Front Desk.
We believe that Divine healing is provided for in the Atonement and is the privilege of all believers.
(Isaiah 53:4,5; Matthew 8:16,17; Mark 16:17,18; James 5:14,15)
The Healing Rooms are open to the public every Saturday from 10am to 12pm. We are closed on Public Holidays.
In Person
Those in need of ministry are required to register in person at the Front Desk between 9:45am to 11:30am at the latest. Registration after 11:30am may not be given a full ministry session, depending on the size of the crowd. Appointments are not necessary, but you may contact us in case of special needs such as people on wheelchairs, or skype ministry for overseas clients, etc.
Skype Ministry
1) Submit completed and signed Registration Form to before Thursday.
2) On Saturday morning connect The Healing Rooms at 9:45am.
3) Please note there may be some waiting time as priority will be given to those who have come in person.
4) Skype name: ica.healing.rooms
Telephone Ministry
1) Submit completed and signed Registration Form to before Thursday.
2) On Saturday morning please telephone The Healing Rooms between 9:45 to 10:30am.
3) Please note that there may be some waiting time as priority will be given to those who have come in person.
4) Telephone No. 21020964
1. Front Desk – Every visitor begins by registering at the Front Desk starting from 9:45am to 11:30am.
2. Encounter Room – Here you'll meet God and bask in His healing presence. It's His Presence that heals.
3. The Healing Rooms – You'll be brought into The Healing Rooms for ministry by one of our teams.
Clients seeking healing prayer may usually have 20 to 30 minutes, as decided by the ministry team. Due to the high demand for physical healing, we suggest that those who are in need of emotional healing and spiritual deliverance to file an application with our Encounter Ministry. Please note that it can take 8 to 10 weeks to get an appointment. Find out more about Encounter Ministry here.
No preparation is required – just come expecting good things to happen! We encourage you to come early and allow yourself 10 to 15 minutes in the Encounter Room soaking in God's presence and resting in His peace. Often times healing starts right there.


禱告醫治室為一項: 追求聖靈及神醫治大愛的事工。這裡有一群熱誠的基督徒,充滿了聖靈和喜樂,以愛心來服侍。使身體有病痛的人得到生命、愛及醫治。我們相信神的旨意是要人得醫治,所有尋求的人都能得到基督的醫治大能。我們服侍對象包括基督徒及非基督徒。團隊能操國、粵及英語。歡迎各界有需要的人士。費用全免。若欲自由奉獻,可投入奉獻箱,並註明信封,可獲減稅收據。
凡需要接受禱告服侍者,請於星期六上午9:45至11:30前,親自到接侍處辦理登記手續。若在上午11:30之後才到達者,須依當日輪候情況,在時間上可能不能提供充份的禱告服侍。禱告服侍無須預約。若有特別需要如輪椅上落安排,海外視像通話等,請提早聯絡,以便安排。詳細資料歡迎電郵至 或電話查詢 2102 0964
1) 在星期四前交妥填寫及已簽名的完整登記資料電郵至
2) 在星期六上午9:45之前與禱告醫治室聯絡
3) 由於親身前來禱告醫治室者會優先獲服侍,所以請留意或須時輪候
4) 視像通話聯絡名稱ica.healing.rooms
1) 在星期四前交妥填寫及已簽名的完整登記資料電郵至
2) 在星期六上午9:45至10:30間,以電話方式聯絡禱告醫治室 (電話號碼: 2102 0964)
3) 由於親身前來禱告醫治室者會優先獲服侍,所以請留意或須時輪候
1) 入口接待處:來訪者於上午9:45 – 11:30間先行登記
2) 與神相會室:與神接觸及浸受聖靈醫治的同在,神的同在會帶來醫治
3) 醫治室:被帶進接受禱告服侍

The Healing Rooms are located at 1/F Yalford Building, 44-50 Tanner Road, North Point, Hong Kong. (North Point MTR Exit B4) 
禱告醫治室位於香港北角丹拿道44-50號友福園1樓 (港鐵北角站 B4 出口) 

ICA Office: Tel: 2527 2270 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5:30pm)
The Healing Rooms: Tel: 2102 0964 (Saturdays 10am to 12pm)
Email Address:

Healing Testimonies

Cyst completely gone!
barnabas kwok cyst 1barnabas kwok cyst 2barnabas kwok cyst 3Barnabas came to The Healing Rooms with a cyst on the back of his neck. The cyst had been there for 2 months. (See Photo A) After the ministry team prayed with Barnabas, the size of the cyst was reduced by 20%! (See Photo B) Over the course of a few months, Barnabas continued to contend for complete healing through prayer. It was not long before Barnabas came back with these photos to show of the cyst completely gone! (Photo C) The good work that God has started in Barnabas here at The Healing Rooms has truly been brought to perfect completion. Praise the Lord!
My goodness! Prayer really works!
Update: Joanne went for a check-up in January 2019 and the test results came out all perfectly normal! We serve a great God!
Born without a cochlea!
Winnie was born without a cochlea in her right ear; it was permanently deaf. If you spoke to her on her right side, no matter how loudly, she couldn’t hear anything, and after 52 years of this, she never expected to. But this all changed one fateful day when a friend invited her to The Healing Rooms for the first time. When the ministry team laid hands on her right ear, miraculously, it began to hear clear and loud! This would be the beginning of an amazing journey of healing for Winnie, not only for her ear, but for other areas of her life! First, more physical changes began to take place. She used to have a balance problem and would often fall over. This also significantly improved. Her hair turned white since she was a small kid, and became completely white in her 30’s. But lately doctors noticed more and more of her white hair had turned black. Her eyebrows used to be all white, but now they have become darker. Then came restoration of relationships in her family, and even blessings at work! Good things just seemed to keep coming her way. As a substitute teacher, suddenly she started getting a lot more jobs that increased her income, and her life became a lot more settled. Before teaching a lesson she would pray with her students, and to her delight, the students all began to do much better academically. She truly experienced a full 180 degree turn around in my life in just a few months. Thank you Jesus! God’s work is powerful, and Winnie is living proof of his goodness! Watch and see!
Victory over stage four prostate cancer
Marlon was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer in September 2012. The cancer in the prostate was so large and extensive that it was obstructing the bladder causing urinary retention. It had also spread outside of the prostate gland to four surrounding lymph nodes and to one of the seminal vesicles. His cancer marker level, the PSA index was absurdly high at that time, which was 250, and the normal is 0 to 4. Two reputable urologists were very sure that the cancer had already spread to the bones.
Marlon and his wife started coming regularly to The Healing Rooms for prayers. During those visits, God's presence fell so heavily on him that he could vividly feel God working in his body in some miraculous ways. When The Healing Rooms team released the fire of the Holy Spirit to eradicate cancer cells in his body, Marlon felt his lymph nodes were popping like fireworks, a very strange sensation within his body.
Malon PSA 20190110Two months later, PSA index had dropped drastically from 250 to 9.3! A further MRI scan also indicated that his prostate had shrunk back by 60-70%, returning to its normal size and was no longer obstructing his bladder. His bones were cancer-free as well. This changed his "medical status" from stage four cancer to stage one cancer.
Further tests on Jan 9, 2013 showed PSA at 8.2; on Jan 28, it had further dropped to 6.9, and on Mar 6, to 4.3. Marlon took the advice of his oncologist and went for 38 sessions of radiotherapy treatment and subsequent MRI result in April 2013 showed that there were no more signs of cancer!
When Marlon visited The Healing Rooms on April 20, 2013, the Lord told him: "You are clean!" Indeed, MRI scan showed that his prostate gland was clear of cancer. PSA index in May, 2013 had dropped to 2.19. By the end of December 2013 his PSA result was 0.90!! (Normal is 0-4) His family doctor, oncologist and radiotherapist all agreed that his healing progress is exceptional and a miracle from God.
Update: Marlon is now serving at The Healing Rooms and he loves to share his healing experience. His PSA test result of July 2016 showed that his index had dropped to 0.15!
Though his doctors advised him that it would not go any lower than this, our mighty God was not finished yet!
According to his latest test results, released in January 10, 2019, his PSA index has dropped even further down: It is now only 0.05! All glory to our God!
I Can Jump Now!
A ballet dancer needs to be able to jump. Especially if she is starting full-time employment in a week dancing professionally! Natalie came to The Healing Rooms with a weakness in her right foot, tightness in her right calf, and a stiff ankle and heel. All of this meant: She couldn’t jump! This had been going on for two months, her right side felt heavy and weighed down, she felt she couldn’t get off the ground. By the time she came to The Healing Rooms, she had tried just about everything: physio, chiropractic, osteopathic, acupuncture, even dry needling, but she still could not jump! And she was flying out in a week to begin her career as a professional dancer! All it took was one visit to The Healing Rooms, however, and a short time of prayer, and she was free. She joyously proclaimed, “I can jump now!” Our prayer team saw a new Natalie, free from fear, a confident princess dancing with her heavenly Father. She released her testimony and others came forward to receive their healing as well! God is good and his healing continues to spread! It’s time to jump and dance with him!
Supernatural facelift!
Fefe walked into The Healing Rooms, her face swollen and disfigured, and walked out 20 minutes later completely healed! She was suffering from severe allergy flare ups, which had been an ongoing issue for over half a year. When she woke up that morning, despite having taken her prescribed dosage of antihistamines and steroids, the allergy she was suffering from was so severe it had puffed up her eyes, cheeks, lips, even her tongue. She had difficulty breathing and could hardly speak. This was pretty dangerous, and her friends (rightly) advised her to go straight to the emergency room! Yet, full of faith that God would heal her, she instead came to The Healing Rooms! She was not disappointed. God knew her condition, and gave us words of knowledge about her before she arrived: “swell on left side of the face” and “skin allergy”. Fefe was impressed. “What could be more accurate on my condition than what was written on the whiteboard?” she remarked. “God loves me! He knows, and he heals!” Indeed God’s presence was there, ready and waiting to heal! After prayer, Fefe’s swelling and inflammation went straight down, and her tongue was freed to speak! Now she can’t stop telling others about God’s goodness! We praise God for this dramatic change!
God raises up pastor!
We know that God has a special grace for pastors, but we saw this evidenced in a special way one Saturday morning! Pastor Benjamin Lau came to The Healing Rooms with a firm belief in God’s goodness, but he was still in for a surprise at how quickly God could work! For five years Pastor Benjamin had been suffering from severe chronic back pain due to a slipped disc, with limited range of motion. He tried pain pills and chiropractor treatments, but they only gave short term relief. But at The Healing Rooms, all it took was just one prayer. All the pain left, and his range of motion was restored! But God wasn’t finished yet. Pastor Benjamin mentioned that he had some ongoing pain because his right leg was shorter than the left. The difference was significant—about an inch! So we prayed The Healing Rooms’ body alignment prayer, and he took off his shoes to check. His heels were now fully aligned—they had shifted an inch! Pastor Benjamin stood up now feeling lighter and more balanced! “This is amazing!” he said. “God is mighty, and everything is possible!” Amen! All glory to him!
God the sports physician
At times God’s healing comes so powerfully that people get healed quickly with just a short prayer or a touch. The pain that’s been there for years is suddenly gone, or the deaf ear is hearing again….They stand there in shock and in awe of a good God that really heals. Jeffrey injured his knees swimming and the pain and clicking on the knees persisted for a month. He was no longer able to play the sports he loved, even walking caused him pain. Our team laid hands on the knees and said, “We release God’s goodness into these knees.” He tested the problem knees with all kinds of movements and found that the pain and discomfort had disappeared. He could not believe it could happen just like that, so he tested the knees again and again frantically looking for the pain and the clicking, only to find that God had healed it completely! We’d call that instant relief from God! Keep on running with him!
God’s amazing Grace!
It was a busy day at The Healing Rooms, and we were just wrapping up, with only fifteen minutes to go. Then Grace stopped by, with her son and daughter, on a visit from Vancouver. She was suffering from hearing loss in her right ear, due to a fall from her house seven years ago. Also insomnia, and nightmares, which had disturbed her sleep for the past five years. Usually a prayer session to cover all of these things takes some time, but God miraculously brought a deep healing in just 15 minutes! There was an instant change in Grace’s ability to hear. Right before prayer, she could not even hear from 4 feet away, and right after prayer she could hear from 15 feet! We got her children to verify that she was now hearing out of her right ear! She could hear people speaking standing behind her, and could have a cell phone conversation using her right ear, none of which she was able to do before! Not only that, her insomnia disappeared! No more nightmares, and whenever she wakes up in the middle of the night, she is able to fall right back to sleep again! How awesome! God is good, and restores what is lost! When Grace was asked about the experience, she said: “I find it really amazing!” Amen! This is truly amazing grace!!
Sister shares hearing with brother
Miss Cheung lost 60% of hearing on both ears for 7 or 8 years and was reluctant to use a hearing aid as advised by a doctor. Our team prayed for her and Jesus restored her hearing to 100%. Immediately she walked over to her own brother and laid hands on his deaf ear. He got healed within minutes, and gave his life to Jesus to be Lord and Savior. Praise God! We give thanks to Jesus the Healer!
Sciatica no match for God!
Imagine the joy and relief to be instantly healed of pain that has plagued you for 4 long years! Sally came into The Healing Rooms with sciatica, having exhausted all avenues for healing. According to the doctors, the cartilage of two of her discs had worn out, but despite their best efforts, and that of chiropractors, therapy, and pain and muscle relaxation medications, nothing changed. Sally couldn’t even walk 20 minutes without having to sit down! But this was all put right after only one visit to The Healing Rooms, where she experienced our highly effective Body Alignment Prayer. It worked beautifully, and the pain completely disappeared! Not only that, but God healed her heart too. His love and presence surrounded her. She just knew he was there for her!  And once again, the healing was contagious! Upon hearing her testimony, four others at The Healing Rooms were healed of all their pain! We can’t say it enough: God is good!
Trophies from God!
Nicolas, together with his sister, signed up for a Latino Dance competition. But a month before the competition he injured his ankle playing soccer. Because of the pain he could barely walk, and the doctor ordered bedrest. The day before the competition, the pain was still severe, so his mother brought him to The Healing Rooms (where she got healed a few months ago). The pain dramatically subsided as he sat in our Soaking Room in God’s presence, and then, almost instantaneously with a simple prayer, the pain vanished! Now Nicholas could dance and exercise once again, but the competition was the next day, and it was going to be quite intense! But Nicholas not only made it to competition—he captured 16 golden trophies there! “Very unforgettable”, he said.
No need for sleeves!
Kristina, from Australia, has dealt with eczema on and off for most of her life. It began to flare up again in Hong Kong and everything she tried to get rid of it wasn't working. It got very bad very quickly and continued to spread, so she went to The Healing Rooms to receive prayer. The team encouraged her not to accept that she would have to live with this condition, but instead believe that Jesus had taken it away. During that week, she was praying that on Sunday God would give the team a word of knowledge for people with eczema. When she went to the 12:15 service and she saw 'eczema' on the screen, she thought, This is what I prayed for! I'm going to be healed today! After receiving prayer, that night was the first night in three weeks that her skin did not get worse. It was getting better. No longer irritated and itchy—it just felt normal! Within the week the eczema was all gone. Kristina was so glad she wanted to tell the world! It was such a dramatic change! In fact, she used to wear long sleeves and jackets to cover the eczema on her arms and neck. Now she says she can finally wear sleeveless!
Smooth baby face!
baby IsaiahHead of The Healing Rooms, Pastor Lindy was home in her bed getting ready to go to sleep, when she saw a picture of red, itchy, and infected skin clear up and become healed before her eyes! So she wrote to The Healing Rooms WhatsApp group (of about 40 people) that God wanted to heal skin ailments, redness and allergies, and asked if anyone had that condition. About five people from the team instantly responded. Then Marlon, a member of the team sent a picture of a baby with really bad skin all over his face and body. Baby Isaiah was 9 weeks old, living in Vancouver. He was diagnosed with serious eczema and fungal infection. And the photos were sent to us by the baby’s Grandma from Tibet!
Pastor Lindy prayed over the pictures and was moved to say “Oh baby Isaiah, your beautiful skin will come through in 24 hours.” The next day we found that two of our Healing Rooms members were healed of eczema: Lydia and Jacqueline. And then we received a video of baby Isaiah—his skin was completely restored, not a spot or scar on his face!
Contagious hearing!
It was an exciting morning at The Healing Rooms watching God’s hand restore perfect hearing to two men! The first one who got healed was Patrick. His right eardrum was ruptured when he was a young boy, and for over 20 years he relied on just his left ear to hear.  He’d had 3 surgeries but his hearing didn’t improve.  That morning The Healing Rooms team prayed, declaring God’s goodness over Patrick, and they saw a new ear drum from heaven for him! After this, he was able to hear perfectly—from 6.5 meters away! On hearing Patrick’s testimony, Moses, who had a hearing impairment for more than 10 years, came forward for prayer, and in less than 10 minutes he too got his hearing restored to normal! Such is the power of testimony!
A miracle: Husband able to listen to wife!
For two years, Sammy had been unable to hear out of his left ear. The doctor put him through several tests and diagnosed him as hearing impaired. He had to rely on his right ear to hear, and his wife verified that it was a problem. Then he arrived at the healing rooms. Our team spent about 30 minutes praying and testing, during which time Sammy saw a rainbow which represented God’s promise to heal. And God was good as His word! He opened up the ear to hear perfectly again! Sammy was able to hear normal speech from 20 feet away. His wife also tested it out and confirmed the healing was real! They walked out of The Healing Rooms that morning very excited—grinning from ear to ear!
God beats massage and bone setters!
For five months Joel had severe glute pain that went through his entire leg, from his waist to the bottom of his feet, and he felt pins and needles in his feet. He couldn’t sit or stand without a great deal of pain. He tried massage and traditional Chinese bone setting treatments, but there was no significant improvement.  God healed him of that pain after we prayed for him at The Healing Rooms. However, the pain came back a week later, much worse this time! It was good that Joel returned to The Healing Rooms for more prayer: there was a word of knowledge there waiting for him, ‘pain from waistline down through back of left leg’! That morning he walked out rejoicing—he was completely free of pain and he regained full mobility of his body!  Not only that, his healing was contagious! On witnessing his testimony, others were healed of their pain as well!
The breath of God!
God healed Baljinder of breast cancer, and removed all the pain and numbness associated with the chemotherapy. But he had even more in store for her! She came back to The Healing Rooms to share the good news: He also healed her of asthma, which had haunted her for more than 30 years!  Since the age of three, Baljinder had suffered from frequent asthma attacks. These attacks were so severe that she had to grab her inhaler and rush to the hospital. Since she had this condition for such a long time, her doctors, even her professors, told her that she would never be cured. They were sure of this! But then she came to The Healing Rooms for prayer, and after a few weeks the team felt God had healed her, and suggested that she rely less on the inhaler. She did just that and she was doing ok! Then she stopped using it altogether, and after a few months, she never had another asthma attack!
Glaucoma completely cured
Eliza was diagnosed with Glaucoma for nearly a year. Besides discomfort and redness, her eye pressure was a very high 28 (normal is 10 to 21). Doctors warned her that there was no cure for glaucoma and, if left untreated, could lead to vision loss or blindness. She was given medicated eye drops and was told to use it every day for the rest of her life. With the help of the eye drops, her eye pressure went back to normal, but if she stopped, eye pressure would soar up again.
Since Eliza started serving at The Healing Rooms, she stopped using the eye drops and trusted God to heal her. After three months, she consulted two eye specialists and both confirmed that she was healed of glaucoma, an unhealable condition! The doctors questioned Eliza, “Which doctor did you see before me?” “What kind of private doctor did you see?” Eliza replied, “He's a very well-known Doctor, the best Doctor (meaning Jesus!)”
Note: One year later, Eliza went for a series of eye tests. The doctor declared her eyesight to be “perfectly good!” Hallelujah!
Note 2: Two years later, Eliza went to her doctor to have another series of eye tests. The doctor confirmed again that Eliza's eyes are "perfectly good!" Hallelujah!
From “permanently disabled” to jumping for joy!
Rebecca walked into The Healing Rooms with considerable difficulty and a bad limp. 10 years ago she was diagnosed with MS – Multiple Sclerosis, a potentially disabling disease of the central nervous system. The doctor's prognosis: There is no known cure for MS. Rebecca would need daily medications and Interferon injections for the rest of her life, and she would eventually be confined to a wheelchair. HKSAR Government issued a card that classified her as “permanently disabled.”
At The Healing Rooms we believe in the power of testimony – when a client gets healed, immediately he or she will share a testimony disable card tangand will then pray for those suffering from similar sicknesses or symptoms. Often times, others also get healed. That Saturday morning a client was giving a testimony that all chronic pain had disappeared and she just regained full mobility of her limbs…… While she was still speaking, Rebecca got up and began to sprint around the room, jumping up and down. God had gloriously healed Rebecca and she testified that this was the first time in 10 years she could run or jump! Hallelujah! Rebecca is so thrilled and thankful for her new freedom that she decided to help out at The Healing Rooms Front Desk. She is a walking testimony of God's healing power.
Jesus busted cancer again!
Luke was diagnosed with early stage 3 NPC (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma) - nose cancer. His EBV (NPC Virus Index) was absurdly high – 10,000 with 10 being normal. Radiation therapy damaged his salivary gland and burned his tongue membrane – he could not taste anything except bitterness. That morning before Luke arrived at The Healing Rooms, God gave us a word of knowledge, three letters: “NPC”, which we wrote down on the white board. When Luke walked in and saw “NPC” he was overwhelmed by God's assurance to heal and trusted in God afresh. Luke visited HR regularly over a three-month period and finally, his doctors declared that Luke was now completely free of cancer!! His EBV reading returned to its normal level and his taste bud sensations are also back to normal! Luke wrote: God works miracles! Glory to Jesus – the cancer Buster!
Cancer disappears!
Vicky lives in the UK. She is not even 50 years old, but was diagnosed with cancer for the 4th time! The tumor was in a tricky location, behind her left breast plate, close to the heart and the main artery and lungs. She went through Chemo therapy but that did not shrink the tumor and finally doctors wanted to remove it surgically.
Her friend Magdalene who attends ICA was burdened with Vicky's dire situation and came to The Healing Rooms to receive prayer on Vicky's behalf.
This is what Vicky wrote about her miraculous healing: “Something truly amazing happened yesterday. I was in hospital expecting to have a marker put inside me so that the cyber knife could follow it. The surgeon was explaining the difficulty in that he was 3mm away from puncturing my lung and severing a major artery. Things were not looking good at all. He said before you sign the consent forms I am going to have one last check with the scanner to exactly pinpoint the correct place. After about three minutes he said, I do not think I can go ahead with this operation as the tumor seems to have disappeared! Praise the Lord and thank you for all your prayers for me. What a testimony!”
Ten years of hypertension healed!
Both of James' parents had high blood pressure. Starting from 2005 he also was diagnosed with high blood pressure of 150/110, 160/120. His doctor monitored closely and advised him to take medicine for the condition but he resisted the idea. Finally in 2008 he started taking a daily pill to treat hypertension. And then in 2014 doctors increased dosage to two pills daily, one to be taken in the morning and one in the evening, and he was to have this medication for the rest of his life.
In Apr 2015, during worship time at Hong Kong School of Supernatural Ministry the students were having a “Fire Tunnel” where students raise their arms against each other to build a tunnel and everyone walks through God's presence to receive God's blessing. Then the School Principal Lindy called out to anyone with hypertension to go through the tunnel to get healed. James went into the tunnel to receive his healing but he did not feel any special sensation at the time. As he walked through the Fire Tunnel he asked God what would happen since he was taking medication, how would he know if he was healed!? He did not get an answer from God that day.
Nine days later he started to feel dizzy and was blacking out because his blood pressure went way too low. After thorough examination his specialist doctor took him off the morning pill. After that his blood pressure continued to be too low, and finally a week later the doctor also took him off the evening pill!
It has been almost 5 months. James monitors his blood pressure three times a day. It stays very normal and he is completely free of medication for hypertension!!
Note: James is now serving in The Healing Rooms and loves to share his healing experience. His latest blood pressure result was 123/81. This is beautifully perfect! Thank you Jesus.
From intensive right hip pain to dance classes!
Christine told us that pain index in her body gave accurate weather forecast! 3 days before rain, pain would intensify and she just knew rain would always come on the third day!
Christine injured her right hip a year ago which had not fully recovered. She walked with a limp and with difficulty at times using an umbrella as walking stick. In her first visit to The Healing Rooms God took away all the pain from her hip and spine and she could bend her knees which had not been possible for a long time! In the second visit, we did our famous Body Alignment procedure and her two legs leveled up (all this was recorded on her cell phone)! After that she was walking much better and faster.
For one year, she had given up her favourite Zumba dance, but now completely free of pain, she is back to taking Zumba classes - three times a week. Finally, she does not forecast rain anymore because she has no more pain!
Torment ended!
Shera was diagnosed with Adenomyosis. There were two tumors in her uterus. For over two years she was tormented by headache and severe cramps during menstruation. The sharp, excruciating cramp would last for 30 to 50 hours which made her scream and cry, and she would be bedridden for a few days. After two years of treatments by top herbal doctors and “miracle doctors”, the tumors did not shrink at all, and her doctor said eventually she might need surgery. Shera felt hopeless and stopped going to all the herbal doctors. Through her friend she came to The Healing Rooms for prayer. Two weeks later Shera returned to The Healing Rooms to tell us that in her recent menstruation the pain was mild and lasted just a short time. There were no more tears and she didn't need bed rest at all. God in his mercy intervened and put an end to her torment!
Vision restored over Skype!
It was a joy watching Wendy recover her vision through Skype ministry. God has no limits!
Wendy lives in Sarawak, Malaysia. She had lost vision on both eyes for nearly a year and her eyes were swollen and watery. The first time she skyped The Healing Rooms for prayer, we tested her vision – she could not tell the number of fingers we put in front of her, close-up. Then our team laid hand on her eyes (over the computer), her vision did clear up a bit, but still her pupils had no focus.
The few weeks that followed Wendy continued to skype The Healing Rooms for prayer and testing. Not only did her vision improve progressively, the swelling stopped and her eyes were no longer watery. But vision was still blurred. One morning The Healing Rooms received word of knowledge that God would heal 'blur vision' and we wrote it down on the whiteboard. Shortly after that Wendy skyped in for prayer, and sure enough, she began to see very clearly every object we put before her. But smaller words she could not read.
When Wendy skyped in again in the next session we saw a happy face. She told us her doctor confirmed that her left eye was healed and the right eye was also seeing much better, but still she could not see small words. However, after our team prayed over her eyes, for the first time she began to read all the small Chinese characters we showed her over the computer! Our Lord Jesus restored Wendy's vision over Skype!
Chronic pain eradicated!
Chronic pain in the back, neck, hips, and shoulders is often caused by body misalignment, such as misaligned hips, spine or pelvis. For clients with such symptoms The Healing Rooms offers a powerful procedure – our famous Body Alignment Prayer. We've seen many delivered from the torment of pain as the body gets re-aligned in the name of Jesus.
For 10 years, Marienne suffered with stiffness in her neck and shoulders and limited mobility in her body because of hip misalignment. She had had two years of chiropractic treatments but the bad headaches and discomfort persisted because of the misaligned hips and tension in the body. The Healing Rooms team gave Marienne our famous procedure called Body Realignment, and before they could turn on her phone to record, her two legs got realigned and levelled up! After this, a lot of tension left and her body regained full mobility! She could bend her knees and touch her toes and she could twist and bend her upper back and shoulders all the way right and left – all this she couldn't do before. Stiffness in her neck and shoulders also disappeared! Marienne wrote in her praise report in ginormous letters: He loves me – a lot!
Note: One month later, Marienne returned to report that life was awesome and she hadn't felt any pain that was so bad before.
Persistent joint pain and numbness gone!
Michelle undertook chemotherapy treatments that left her with many side effects. For 6 months, Michelle was plagued by persistent pain in her joints and numbness in her limbs. In particular, her left arm felt stuck. Her doctors told her there was not much they could do except offer her pain killers. After The Healing Rooms team prayed for her, Michelle was thrilled to discover that all pain and numbness in her joints and limbs had disappeared – she had regained full mobility of her left arm! Michelle wrote in her testimony: “God really loves me!”
Perfect hearing after decades!
It was a special day for The Healing Rooms. Three people got healed of hearing impairment that morning and Yuk Fan was one of them. For a few decadesYuk Fan depended on her left ear to hear because the right ear had lost 70% of its hearing. When watching TV she set the volume at the highest. Socially, it was awkward for her – she constantly asked people to repeat what they were saying. Doctors suggested surgery but then told her it might not help. The Healing Rooms team ran several pray-and-tests on her right ear, and after about 15 minutes, she began to hear normally, first from short distances, then 25 feet from behind her. Yuk Fan told us excitingly that she had not experienced such perfect hearing for 20, 30 years!
Free of knee pain after 10 years!
In the last year or so our clients that walked in The Healing Rooms with body pain, 80% walked out pain-free. Marietta had been plagued by chronic pain on her knees for more than 10 years due to damaged cartilage. She was treated with Glucosamine injections on top of oral Glucosamine for 2, 3 years but the pain persisted. Walking up or down stairs was unpleasant for her because her knees would hurt. That morning Marietta received a touch from The Almighty and she walked out of The Healing Room completely pain-free and no longer afraid of staircases.
Empty wheelchair!
That morning at worship time God gave us word of knowledge: “Empty Wheelchair”.
15 year-old Dong is Tibetan who lives in an orphanage in Qinghai province in Northwest China. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia, and because of the debilitating pain on her hip she could not walk and could not attend school.
Christian Action, a charitable organization brought her to Hong Kong for hip surgery. The surgeons had corrected Dong's dislocated hip joints but had said she would need a wheelchair for she would not be able to walk for three months. After her surgery, Christian Action brought her to The Healing Rooms. Dong came on a wheelchair with a level 3 pain from the incision area. After a short prayer, all that pain disappeared! With zero pain she got up from her wheelchair to walk around The Healing Rooms! She did not want to stop walking; she was so excited! The word of knowledge: 'empty wheelchair' we received that morning was fulfilled! Thank you Jesus!
That same morning, Dong's Tibetan caretaker named Zeng also got healed of back pain that had troubled her since giving birth 4 years ago. We were warned not to evangelize to these two Tibetan girls, but when they got back to Qinghai they could not stop sharing about their healing miracles. People were amazed that she did not need a wheelchair and was able to walk freely with just a stick! Words about Jesus' healing power were spreading around in the Tibetan community. We were delighted to learn that the local government in Qinghai has recently set up a Christian prayer room to pray for the sick!
No list is too long for God!
The first time Christina visited The Healing Rooms she presented a long list of 16 ailments and sicknesses for healing. But no list is too long for God! She had Scoliosis for 25 years and had been plagued by a chronic level 7 pain (10 being the highest) all over her body for many years. This chronic pain went from her left shoulder and neck area down to her fingers and left foot. She had pain in her right knee for over two years with more severity the last six months. After The Healing Rooms team prayed, Christina tested on her body and did some step-testing on a flight of stairs, and she said, “There is no more pain!” That day Christina was healed of all pain and numbness throughout her body! She got so excited with God she brought her aged parents to The Healing Rooms the following week – her mum accepted Christ, and both parents got healed of hearing problems.
In Christina's third visit to The Healing Rooms God removed floaters and dark shadows that had been in her eyes for 10 years. She declared that her eyes were 'completely healed!' Hallelujah! These multiple healings took place over her three consecutive visits to The Healing Rooms!
Lump and cysts disappeared!
The first time Lydia came to The Healing Rooms, she had problems with misaligned spine and uneven legs. She would wake up every morning feeling sore all over her body. After prayer, her body got aligned and the pain disappeared. Sometime later, she came back to The Healing Rooms because her doctor found a lump in her right breast and it gave her pain. The Healing Rooms ministered to her a few times, then she went back to her doctor for another check-up. The doctor could not find the lump, and there was no more pain. She took mammogram and ultrasound tests as advised by her doctor. The result was excellent - the lump could not be found! She was overjoyed to find that small cysts previously existed in both breasts for many year, which she did not even pray for, had also disappeared!
15 years of high blood pressure eradicated!
Mei has a long history of high blood pressure and has been under medication for 15 years. In recent years even with daily medication, her blood pressure could go as high as 140/100. Mei came to The Healing Rooms for prayer on July 18, and ever since that day her blood pressure has become normal, and she does not need any medication. Her most recent reading was 120/80 which is perfect! We give God the glory!
Injury of 8+ years fixed
That morning, The Healing Rooms received word of knowledge that God would heal “right wrist pain” so we wrote it down on the whiteboard. Soon after that Terence showed up with pain in his right wrist!
Terence broke his right wrist more than 8 years ago when he was a teenager. Tension and pain in the injured spot had kept his five fingers curled up and he could not bend his hand backwards. His thumb and little finger could not touch each other. Because of pain and weakness, he could not play bowling or any sports with rackets. After The Healing Rooms team prayed for him, the pain was gone and swelling went away. Then we saw something like a bone protruding out on his wrist. After further prayer, the protruding piece was healed and now his fingers are straightened and his hand regained full mobility. He came back to testify that he has gone back to playing active sports and his right hand feels normal with no recurring ailments! Praise the Lord!
God gave me a sign!
Eugene was visiting from Montreal. At the age of 15 he fractured his Ulna bone and sprained the tendons badly while practicing martial arts. On and off in the last 11 to 12 years he was bothered by tension and pain in the right wrist due to small bones misalignment, tendonitis and nerve pain inside of hand, thumb and pinky finger. He had been to different kinds of doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and Chinese doctors, but had not seen any significant improvement. In fact, there was no clear consensus from different doctors that he went for help. Since March 2014, the pain worsened and he could not write or draw, he could not hold chopsticks, or brush his teeth with his right hand. The night before Eugene came to The Healing Rooms he visited our website and found out that we use words of knowledge for healing. Eugene asked God for a sign, “Please put my condition up on the board.” When Eugene walked into The Healing Rooms and saw “Right Wrist Pain” written on the notice board he was moved to tears. For 5 years he had been praying for healing but this was the first time he knew God would heal him completely!
After the team prayed over him, Eugene tested on his right wrist by scribbling, playing on the guitar – there was no pain or tension! He tested more by lifting a very heavy amplifier and the wrist was strong and free of pain. “It's amazing!” was all Eugene could say!
14 years of Parkinson's Disease healed!
14 years ago Grace was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. She tried different treatments, and even had surgery to insert two chips in her brain to stimulate mobility. But the benefits lasted just three months then her condition began to deteriorate rapidly. Grace walked into The Healing Rooms with the help of two friends on each side and was using a stick. Her steps were short, unsteady and extremely slow. She told us her whole body and limbs were rigid; even her jaws were locked. After we prayed for a short while, she got up to walk, very hesitantly and slowly at first. Then she began to jump, dance and run. This incredible video clip documents the transformation of a lame person to running free, all in just 30 minutes! God is awesome!!
I am not disabled!
Pui Yan was diagnosed with MS - Multiple Sclerosis 10 years ago when she was 22. The disease affected her balance and co-ordination. Due to muscle weakness she was bedridden for a few years and could not even sit up in a wheelchair. She holds a card for “Person with Disabilities” from the Government which described her as “Permanently Disabled”. Pui Yan's journey to The Healing Rooms was laborious and painstaking, assisted by a friend on one side and a walker on the other. Her body was bent over as if she might fall any time. As The Healing Rooms team prayed she felt strength returned to her legs and then she got up to walk holding up the walker. Her walk was brisk and steady. Pui Yan could not hold a pen or write, and lost her ability to sign her own name, but God restored all that to her on Saturday morning – there and then she wrote a detailed praise report with beautiful handwriting and signed it off – something she could not do in the last 10 years! 
A miracle took place!
A week later...
We have more incredibly good news of God's healing power.
Pui Yan came back to The Healing Rooms to give us more good news! Previously when visiting The Healing Rooms she must use the elevator because she could not handle staircases. But this time she walked up the stairs and then she walked steadily and confidently into The Healing Rooms all by herself, needing no walker or any other support. For someone who had been paralysed and bedridden, whose body was bent over and never dreamt could ever walk normally again, this is absolutely incredible. She told us now she could put shoes on for herself which she could not do for a long, long time. In the past 10 years she had no control over her bladder and bowel movement. For urine discharge she needed catheter or urine bags, and she wore incontinence diapers. For bowel movement she relied on suppository. But after coming to The Healing Rooms God healed her miraculously! Since last week she had no need for diapers anymore; control of bladder and bowel movement returned to normal!! She was eating at Kwong Wah Hospital canteen last week. Doctors and everyone who knew her were shocked to see the transformation, for they all knew her to be miserable and crying all the time, but now her laughter filled the whole canteen. Doctors and nurses ran over to congratulate her for walking again; they were amazed that she got well in just a few weeks!
"This has to be a miracle!"
25 year-old Alex was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an incurable condition of the spine. For five years, every single day since 2009, his back was stiff and he was in great pain. With the help of physiotherapy and pain medication, it was a tiny bit better but the pain was still a 9, 10 being the highest. During college Alex missed many classes because of his condition, and he had to give up his favourite hobby: badminton.
Alex walked into The Healing Rooms hunch-backed, his body immovable and the pain was severe. After our team prayed for him for about 15 minutes, the pain left completely and his back straightened up. Alex exclaimed: "This has to be a miracle!" He then tested his body by hopping and making big movements with his body, something he could not do for five years. Immediately Alex shared a testimony of his healing in The Healing Rooms.
Alex returned to The Healing Rooms the following week to tell us the good news:
• The pain never came back; his body is completely free of pain.
• He played badminton twice last week, there is no pain, and he is enjoying his new freedom!
God says, "I want him to run with me!"
God is good! Recently our team had an opportunity to serve Mr. Liew who walked into The Healing Rooms with the help of a forearm crutch, in pain and looking rather miserable. Prognosis from Orthopaedic surgeon: a serious case of herniated disc at L4 and L5 that may require surgery.
He took heavy doses of painkiller, anti-inflammation and nerve medicines, but the pain was still great when walking and standing. Even sitting down was painful. We asked him to take off the crutch and to expect God to start healing him. In about five minutes the pain began to leave gradually. After another ten minutes of ministry we asked him to try different postures that would normally cause pain. He was shocked to find that most of the pain had disappeared. We could tell he was astonished by God's healing power.
We believe in the power of testimony, so we asked Mr. Liew to write a praise report. While he was writing, we heard God say "I want him to run with Me!" After he finished he stood up and was thrilled to find that even the last bit of pain was completely gone. He started to run around The Healing Rooms like a free bird flying in the sky – without the crutch, and without any pain. It's so much fun and so much joy for us to witness the glory of God manifest in such a powerful way. All glory to God.
Both ears hearing again!
Jade and her son were visiting Hong Kong from the US. They came to The Healing Rooms for prayer. For five years, Jade had lost her hearing in both ears. This affected her social life tremendously and she would shy away from social functions.
Before praying for Jade, The Healing Rooms team tested her hearing loss – with hearing aids in both ears she could not hear from two feet face to face. After we laid hands on her ears to pray, she began to hear increasingly better. After a few more prayers-and-tests, Jade took out both hearing aids and amazingly, was hearing clearly, from 3 feet, to 7 feet, to 10 feet from both the front and her back. We noticed that her son was not convinced, so we got him to test out her mother's hearing and finally he believed that his mother was truly healed. Jade wrote in her praise report: “God is still in the healing business!”
Hearing Again!
At The Healing Rooms we were absolutely thrilled to see a deaf ear hear again. Kitty's right ear had been completely deaf for 40+ years. This created much emotional pain and low self-esteem growing up, for conversations with people had not been easy for her. Doctors told her there was no hope for that deaf ear to ever hear again. When The Healing Rooms team prayed, Kitty felt tinkling and pressure on the deaf ear and then she began to hear our prayer and commented that the background music was too loud! Then she was able to hear us from 4 to 5 feet away and repeating everything that we said. We have captured her testimony in video......
But, I'm hearing very clearly now!
Maria suffered tinnitus and a total loss of hearing on her left ear for 10 months. After two aggressive treatments with steroid injection, followed by acupuncture, it got better but that ear remained 30% deaf for ten months.
The Healing Rooms' initial test on her left ear: hearing range was within 2 to 3 feet, beyond that she could not hear. As the team continued to pray, hearing improved progressively. Finally after 20 minutes, she was able to hear every word spoken to her from 15 feet away; very clearly, picking up even small voices from 10 feet away behind her.
Maria, "Both my western and Chinese doctors had told me there was no cure for tinnitus and hearing loss, but I am hearing very clearly now!"
Deaf ear hearing from 17 feet!
We are very excited that God healed a few deaf ears in the past months. Connie's right ear went deaf after a brain surgery two years ago. With just a brief prayer the deaf ear popped open! We tested her hearing for a long time. She was hearing clearly from short distances, then from long distances of 17 feet. That day Connie was touched by God's love and walked out of The Healing Rooms feeling stunned.
30+ Years of torment fixed in 15 minutes!!
Angel was plagued by a severe pain on her neck and shoulders for decades. She believed it was due to her years of farming in the fields since a young age. Recently the pain had spread to her arms, and the pain intensified at night. She had tried physiotherapy, acupuncture and different doctors, but the pain persisted. Sometimes, the pain became too much to bear she would run downstairs to the doctor's office for painkiller and antibiotic to stop the pain.
When she came into The Healing Rooms, the pain level was 8, 10 being the highest. The team started by releasing freedom to her body, Angel felt her whole body became very light. As we prayed, she felt a tingling sensation that ran from her fingers up to the back of her neck, and then she realized 90% of the pain had gone! The team told her God would heal completely not allowing any pain to stay in her body. As she was prayed for some piercing pressure was hitting on the very spot where the tiny bit of pain was. After that, her body was completely relieved and there was no more pain!
Plantar Wart condition completely healed!
Sarah is giving a testimony about her 9-year old daughter, Christie.
Christie had a stubborn fungus infection called plantar wart (足底疣) that gave her a level 6 pain especially with shoes on and walking. Doctors had given her eight Cryotherapy treatment (冷涷手術) in the last five months, but very frustratingly, shortly after Cryotherapy the plantar wart would grow back and the pain persisted. Then one day The Healing Rooms released word of knowledge that God would heal Warts. By faith Sarah quickly received that healing for her daughter and prayed over her. Praise God, after a check-up the doctor confirmed that Christie is completely free of warts!
10 years of numbness disappeared!
For ten years Mei Ling was bothered by a numbness that went from her toes up to her thighs due to blocked blood circulation. She was also diagnosed with fasciitis on the right foot some eight months ago. Doctors prescribed antibiotic and pain-killers to treat the lingering pain, but the relief had been short-lived. Acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments did not bring any significant improvement. The morning Mei Ling visited The Healing Rooms for the first time, she was happy to see both her ailments displayed on the list of “God's healing items”. After the team prayed over her, the heel pain disappeared and she was walking and jumping without feeling any pain.
Mei Ling came back to The Healing Rooms a week later looking radiant and years younger. She told us the good news that the heel pain never came back, and the numbness that had plagued her for 10 years had completely gone. She told us her love for God was rekindled through this healing experience and she is reading the Bible again.
Two good friends healed at the same time!
Two good friends came to The Healing Rooms for prayer. Wilma, a professional dancer had issues with her knees for two years – she could not kneel for more than 10 seconds as it gave her much pain.  Her friend Myrna was limping and also in great pain. She was injured in an accident which resulted in a fractured ankle on the left foot and severe pain on the right legs, which brought her great distress. After The Healing Rooms team prayed, they both got healed. Wilma demonstrated her healing by kneeling down and bending over her body without feeling any pain at all. Myrna tested on the fractured ankle with walking and running; there was absolutely no more pain left in her body. Their joy and excitement was contagious.
Healed by God's Presence!
People often tell us they sense God's strong Presence in The Healing Rooms. We have seen people get healed of pain and ailments just sitting and soaking in the area. Siu May was diagnosed with Tinnitus 6 years ago and doctors told her there was no cure. The ringing and buzzing sound in her ears goes on unceasingly, day and night. That morning as she decided to come to The Healing Rooms the noise was unusually loud and disturbing! But, to Siu May's delightful surprise, the minute she stepped into The Healing Rooms, the bussing noise in her ears stopped completely! That was before we got to pray for her!!
Now I can jump and walk without pain!
Yennie lives in Australia and attends Hillsong Church in Sydney. A friend brought her to The Healing Rooms. Yennie was plagued by severe menstrual pain since young due to “blood fibroid”.  She was surprised to see her condition “blood fibroid” written on the white board as she stepped into The Healing Rooms that morning. Besides that, 10 years ago she was diagnosed with “spur heel” and her doctor told her medically nothing could be done except to wear special shoes with insoles. Standing barefoot, walking on hard floors and walking the stairs would give her much painf on her heels and knees. Yennie did not mention this condition to The Healing Rooms but God gave a word of knowledge, and after prayer, Yennie got completely healed as the pain on heels and knees totally disappeared.
Healed of Incontinence!
In The Healing Rooms we are witnessing instantaneous healings every week. However, some people only find out they are healed after leaving The Healing Rooms, or after seeing their doctors. We are always grateful for those who report back to us their healing miracles. Ratnawati Indra made a special trip to The Healing Rooms to tell us God healed her of incontinence (失禁) that had troubled her for a few weeks.
Ratnawati Indra was visiting from Indonesia. She found herself getting up at night frequently to go to the toilet. She could not control her bladder. Even coughing would make her leak. She needed to see a doctor but did not know where to find one. So she waited and waited. Finally she told her daughter, who took her to The Healing Rooms and our team prayed for her. That same night she only got up once for the toilet. By the next day, she was completely healed of the incontinence condition! That never bothered her again!
God knows and he cares!
Stephanie injured her leg during ballet class and for more than a year the pain persisted in spite of acupuncture and Chinese doctors. In Stephanie's own words, the fluctuating pain level was frustrating to deal with, and it affected her dance confidence and quality.
That morning prior to Stephanie's arrival at The Healing Rooms, our team received word of knowledge from God that “someone wants to dance but the legs cannot due to injury” would be healed that day. After the team prayed for Stephanie, the pain disappeared.
It has been many months and the pain never came back. Stephanie went back to dancing and did lots of testing, and she confirmed to us: Yes, the pain is completely gone!
Chain of events
Every Saturday morning at The Healing Rooms God releases word of knowledge on sicknesses and ailments that He wants to heal that morning. We would list them down on a big whiteboard like a menu!! Last Saturday, Eliza walked into The Healing Rooms for prayer and was surprised to see her own condition written down at the top of the list. Very specific: “backbone pain”. Yes! She was quickly and completely healed right there and then. The next morning Eliza shared her healing testimony at ICA Cantonese services. After that she prayed for a lady who had suffered the same condition for months, and she got healed instantaneously. Many others were also healed at the altar. That same afternoon, Eliza visited her mom at the Elderly Home, who complained of the same condition: backbone pain. Eliza prayed for her mum copying The Healing Rooms methods. Her mum got healed!
To Eliza, this chain of events came as a confirmation of her calling to serve at The Healing Rooms, and she has been serving there ever since.
Degenerated spine miraculously healed
“I was greatly troubled by severe pain in my neck for 6 months. I tried everything I could think of: acupuncture, cupping therapy and even chiropractic treatments. There were no improvement! I took an x-ray as suggested by a physician in my church. When I showed him the x-ray he was quite shocked to see that out of the thirty-three vertebrae in my spinal column, only six were fine, the rest showed different degrees of degeneration. He said there really was not much that could be done! This came like a death sentence to me and I totally broke down. I lived in panic and hopelessness. The pain persisted.
Then another brother at church arranged for an x-ray and MRI with a government hospital. The day before, seeing my panic-stricken condition, my sister-in-law took me to The Healing Rooms.  After prayer I was able to move my neck around without feeling pain. As they administered Spirit, Soul and Body Alignment on me I felt a gentle warm current on my left leg. There was a 2cm difference between my two legs, but during this alignment prayer one leg grew out and they leveled before our eyes. Alleluia!  The next day I went to the hospital for x-ray as planned. After seeing the x-ray results the doctor said to me that there was no problem with my spine except for mild wear and tear. I thank God. My spine is miraculously healed and I no longer have pain!”
Osteoarthritis on both knees healed
Janice had been troubled by a rather bad pain and stiffness on both knees since 2005. Her physiotherapist advised her to avoid walking stairs as much as possible. Doctor's diagnosis was: Osteoarthritis of the knees. Her chiropractor recommended her to use in-soles to correct alignment as her right leg was slightly longer than the left one.
The Healing Rooms team prayed for Janice's body alignment and her two legs got levelled. Then Janice tested by walking up and down the stairs outside The Healing Rooms – both the pain and stiffness were gone!! She used to be afraid of stairs. Not anymore! Seeing the drastic improvement, her physiotherapist asked her, "What have you done?" Two weeks later she went back to her Orthopaedic doctor for follow-up consultation. The doctor's conclusion was: You do not need to see me again, come back next year!!
Healed inside and out
Miss Sheng came all the way from Shenzhen to visit The Healing Rooms. She left China very early in the morning and arrived at The Healing Rooms before it opened. God was really good to her – the rather nasty gastric pain that had been bothering her disappeared completely even before we prayed for her. She forgave some people and then received baptism of the Holy Spirit. God filled her mouth with laughter, and we could tell from her radiant countenance that she had an unusual encounter with God.
She returned to The Healing Rooms the following Saturday beaming with joy to bring us more good news: For months she had been troubled by various problems in the stomach which brought terrible pain and internal bleeding. Doctors told her only surgery could fix the problems, but the wait was very long. The day after she visited The Healing Rooms:
- The bleeding stopped
- The pain had completely gone
- She reconciled with her daughter
Miss Sheng felt like a new born and God dried up her tears. Her friends were so inspired by her transformation they want to follow her to church.
The best Christmas present ever!!
Recently, a lady called Sau Lan came in for prayer. She suffered a severe case of rheumatism and arthritis and there was pain all over her body for almost 20 years. We could tell from her face that she was really troubled by the pain.
That particular Saturday God gave us the word "salvations". Not only that, one team member saw an open vision of God putting a Christmas present with beautiful ribbons on her hand. So she asked Sau Lan if she would like to receive this free gift from God as her Christmas present. Sau Lan said 'Yes'.
We brought both her husband and daughter into The Healing Rooms and together this couple gave their lives to Christ witnessed by her daughter who was in tears for she had prayed for years for her parents' salvation. The whole family joined hands in prayer. Sau Lan forgave her husband and God restored love back into the family.
After that! Without praying for healing, Sau Lan checked on her joints and was thrilled to find that all the pain had left her body.
The awesome part was when Sau Lan testified that God had brought her to The Healing Rooms to take away her doubt about God. She confessed that she used to discourage her daughter from going to church for she could not understand why her daughter was so committed to Christ. Now she wanted to join her to church. She ended by saying: "This is the best Christmas present that I have ever received in my life!"
No more pain after 15 years!
Li Juan came from Beijing. She was tortured by a pain in her right leg for 15 years. She tried cold spa, bone settler and physiotherapy treatments, but nothing helped. The pain was more severe when she walked bare-foot. The Healing Rooms team laid hands on her and released God's healing presence with a short prayer. To her surprise, and ours too, her whole body felt as if it was on fire. She became so hot that she took off her jacket and sweat was dripping down her temple. Then she took off her shoes to walk. To her astonishment, all the pain had disappeared. She walked out of The Healing Rooms with a very happy face, completely pain free for the first time in 15 years!
S Shape Spine Straightened
“An X-ray taken11 year ago showed that my spine was an S shape. Doctors suspected that I was born with this condition, for my grandmother, my mother and even my daughter seem to have similar problems. I had to put up with a constant pain that was rather nasty. I had to sleep on the side, for to lay flat to sleep would give me lots of pain.
Over the past few years I have had a few check-ups on my spine with the same result: my spine remained curved. I went for chiropractic treatments for 2 years and my body balance improved, but my spine was still not straight.
Two months ago in October 2013 I started helping out at The Healing Rooms' front desk taking care of registration. Friends, one great bonus volunteering at The Healing Rooms is - every week they pray for me! This is what happened every time I received healing: I felt the core of my body moving and adjusting to the right position and I heard clicking sounds. There was a cool air that ran down my back and it felt very good.
In Mid-December 2013 I went for another check-up measurement on my spine. The doctor was amazed to find that my spine was now straightened. He asked me, "What have you done?" And my answer to him was, 'Through prayer!'”  Lena
A touch from The Almighty!
There was much cheering at The Healing Rooms when Pui Sze got touched by God. Pui Sze had been troubled by a severe pain on the sole of her right foot since childhood – more than 30 years. She walked with a limp because of the pain. On top of that, a bad pain on her shoulder had persisted for months. The Healing Rooms prayed for body alignment and her two legs levelled up. Then she tested by walking running and to her surprise, there was no more pain! She walked out of The Healing Rooms a changed person – no more limping and as a bonus, God also straightened up her curved spine!
Back pain healed after body realignment
“Before I came to The Healing Rooms, I had already been through three heart procedures in the last 10 years. I also had elevated blood pressure. I went to The Healing Rooms because I had back pain which started around seven years ago and had recently intensified. The doctor diagnosed it as degenerative bone disease. He said the pain might also be caused by the effect of the medications that I had been taking for the past ten years for my kidneys.
When The Healing Rooms team prayed for me, I felt a sensation of wind around me and I got goose bumps. As they prayed for realignment of my vertebrae and restoration of my muscles and tendons, I felt my body moving involuntarily. I then felt a sharp pain in my hips, which I had not had before. I realised that God was realigning my body. After that, I felt a release in my hip area. The pain went and I felt very good, very relaxed. The prayer team also prayed for healing of my internal organs. I praise God that he has given me a testimony of his healing today. Thank God for the ministry team!” 
Morgan Gonzales – Pastor of Jesus Christ the Hope of Glory Church


MINISTRY HEAD: Pastor Lindy Heung-Shea