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Sun, Feb 19, 2017
Duration: 50 mins 40 secs
Bulletin Points:
1. Healing the Sick
2. Helping the Poor

Questions for Group Discussion

1. How did your water baptism experience look like? When was it?

2. Read Luke 3:21-22. What is significant about Jesus being baptised at the same time as “all the people”? What three things happened at Jesus’ baptism that made it unlike the others? Was Jesus any different after his baptism? Why or why not?

3. Read Acts 1:8 and Acts 2:1-4. What happened to the disciples? How is this similar to Jesus’ baptism? What does this mean?

4. Read Acts 10:36-38, 44-47. What did Jesus do as a result of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit?

5. How does this passage Matt 14:14-16 reveal the 2 ministries Jesus did - healing the sick and helping the poor/needy?

6. How did Jesus heal in each of these 3 instances? (John 4:47-53; Matt 8:14 and John 9:6-7)

7. How did Jesus treat the poor and the needy? (Luke 21:1-4; Matt 26:6-9; John 13:29, Luke 18:22-23)

8. What does Gal 2:9-10 say about our treatment towards the poor?

9. Read Mark 1:38-39. Which activity did Jesus give priority to? Why?

10. If the ministry of the Kingdom of God is healing the sick and helping the needy, what would you do differently from now? What’s your first step?

11. Please pray as a group that the church will be faithful and bold in expanding the Kingdom of God in this city by ministering to the physically

sick and materially poor.

12. Will your group be active in supporting and serving the poor with Manna in the next 6 months? Will you consider signing up to study in HKSSM in order to be equipped in the area of ministry to the sick?