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Language Fellowships

Every Wednesday, 7:30 pm
Jordan Kowloon
Every Saturday, 7:30 pm
ICA Wan Chai
Every Wednesday, 10:00 am
ICA Java Road
Every Sunday, 5:00 pm
ICA Tanner Road (Room 7)
Javanese and Manadonese
Every Sunday, 5:00 pm
ICA Tanner Road (Room 1)


 International Worship Services

We are so excited that you're considering to visit us at ICA. From the moment you enter the church, we would like you to feel at home. The services here at the International Worship Congregation include powerful praise and worship, a life-changing message, and warm fellowship with a friendly community of believers. Services are at 9:00am, 10:45am, 12:15pm & 4:30pm, and generally last 75 minutes.





ICA Main Church
ICA Main Church
ICA Main Church
ICA Mini Auditorium
(1st Sunday of the month)
ICA Main Church
ICA Childrens Church logo
ICA Children's Church
Age: birth - 10
ICA Main Church & ICA Tanner Road
ICA Tanner Road

river logo-02

Age: 14-18
ICA Main Church
(joining the Contemporary Services)

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Maps & Addresses

  1. North Point
  2. Wan Chai
  3. Chai Wan
  4. Jordan

ICA Office

1/F, Workingberg Commercial Building, 41-47 Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong
ICA North Point
483 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong
ICA Tanner Road
1/F, 44-50 Tanner Road, North Point, Hong Kong
ICA Java Road
8/F, Java Commercial Centre, 124-132 Java Road, North Point
Chan's Creative School
82 Marble Road, North Point (Entrance at King's Road)

ICA Wan Chai
4/F, Queen's Centre, 58 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai

ICA Chai Wan
121 Wan Tsui Road, Chai Wan
ICA MAP-Jordan

ICA Jordan
1/F, 23 Austin Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

TlooplogoICA Main Auditorium is equipped with T-Loop for those with hearing difficulties.
It allows people with hearing aids (with T-coils) to hear the entire service clearly.
wheelchair Also, ICA Main Auditorium is accessible for wheelchair users.

Why Do We Have Different Styles Of Worship Service?

We understand that different generations are encouraged to worship with different styles of music. Because of our generationally diverse culture at ICA, we provide three different flavors of worship service.

Classic Service @ 9:00am
This service has a more formal atmosphere that fosters joyful interaction with more balance between authentic worship and the preaching of God's word. The service pace will be brisk, the lighting vibrant and bright. The songs will be more familiar with a gentler music style.

Contemporary Service @ 10:45am
This service has a casual atmosphere and provides a dynamic worship. The praise and worship is run by our next generation and with more current song selections, louder music and dimmer hall lighting. The sermon is dynamic and life changing.

Charismatic Service @ 12:15pm
This service incorporates aspects of both Scripture and Spiritual gifts. It places an emphasis on spontaneous & Spirit-filled worship, healing ministry and prophetic messages.

Chapel Service @ 4:30pm
This service is cozy and more personal like in a small church and is held in our mini auditorium. It gives a simple celebration where worshippers are refreshed by unplugged music, intimate fellowship, passionate preaching with weekly Holy Communion. The fellowship can continue after the service over drinks and snacks at our conveniently located iCafe on the way out. No children's ministry is provided.

Intergenerational Service @9am & 10.45am (1st Sunday of the month)
This service is a worship experience once a month on the 1st Sunday where all ages assemble to praise and serve God together as a family! We intentionally empower all ages to participate and serve together in the worship team, media, ushering and ICAfe to name a few.
Also to help our young children be more engaging, our 1st and 2nd service has a segment, which creatively uses dramas and videos and other participatory ways to express the main teachings of the sermon. This segment is called Kidz at heart!

Worship services at ICA are life changing, uplifting, exciting and always contain something new. The important thing is that the word of God is taught and God is worshipped in Spirit and in Truth.

Holy Communion is celebrated every second Sunday, where all ages (from 3.5 years old) and life stages come together as one family.

We look forward seeing you this Sunday!


What should I wear?

We know you might be worried about wearing the right attire when you come to church; we invite you to come as you are. You'll see everything from jeans to suits to formal attire here.


What do I do before service?

We look forward to meeting you personally and hope you will join us soon. Be sure to come a little early and get a great cup of your favorite coffee at ICAfe (2/F). 


What do I do after the service?

After the morning services, there's more in store for you. Our newcomers welcoming team would love to meet you and personally welcome you to ICA and the Newcomer Corner on the G/F, where there will be some special treats waiting for you.


What do you have for children and youth? 

While we gather in the main auditorium with our youth for the morning services on Sunday, our children are meeting at our Tanner Road facility for awesome worship and teaching. We also have baby sitting room for parents to look after their babies and also listen to the sermon inside the room without anyone noticing due to the presence of semitransparent mirror. Every 1st Sunday of the month 1st service only, we have intergeneration service where the children joins the rest of the family to worship together. It is a child focused worship service with a production called Kidz@Heart which is a 45 mins of fun and creative way for the families to worship and learn God's word together. The Contemporary Service and Charismatic Service are led by our youth.


Typhoon and Rainstorm Arrangements

All church services including Worship Services, ICA Children's Church, Shining Stars (Special Needs), CTC, Illuminate (Youth Service), Adult Education Classes, Cell Groups and ministry meetings will run as normal under Typhoon Warning Signal No. 1 and 3.

When a Warning Signal No. 8 or higher is hoisted or a Black Rainstorm Warning is in effect at 6:00am, all services will be cancelled.

Church services will resume within 2 hours after the Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Warning is lowered or cancelled.

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